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An easier way to post and promote large inventories

Kijiji My Business takes all you know about Kijiji to the next level – built to help you advertise larger inventories to your market.

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A phone shows a Kijiji webpage featuring different retail listings
A phone shows a Kijiji webpage featuring different retail listings

Advertise smarter, not harder

A woman sits at a desk on her computer looking at a Kijiji advertising webpage

Create a monthly plan that fits your advertising goals

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Multiple accounts for you and your team

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Connect your e-mail, phone or site to your listings

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Have your very own store page and branded listings

Promote your business today on Kijiji

Add these features to increase your visibility

A Kijiji retail page highlights the top ads feature

Top Ads

Put your products in the Top Ads section of its category.

A Kijiji retail page highlights the bump ups feature

Bump Ups

Reset your listing to appear at the top of relevant results.

A Kijiji retail page highlights the badges feature


Make your listings stand out by highlighting key features.

Manage your ads with ease

The Kijiji My Business Manager is the central hub for your team to log in and manage your Kijiji advertising.

• Post and edit ads
• Access features for increased visibility
• Track engagement
• Manage your locations

Getting started is simple


Account setup

A member of the Kijiji team will reach out to create a monthly plan.


Log in

After you’ve created your plan, you’ll be ready to start posting ads from the dashboard.


Welcome call

Get an introduction to the Kijiji My Business Manager from our support team.

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Get in touch with us to build your custom plan today.

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