Have your ads delivered right to renters and buyers looking for properties

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Automatically reach people looking for a new home

With a massive 13.5 million* unique users per month, Audience Engine harnesses the browsing patterns of our users to determine exactly who is looking for a home and where. Our AI-driven tool automatically targets renters and buyers for you and displays ads to them when they visit other digital platforms (such as Facebook). *comScore Media Metrix, Media Trend Report Jan – June 2020, average unique visitors per month to Kijiji.

Life changes lead to changing homes

By examining how our large Kijiji community uses our platform, we are able to identify what they are interested in right now. We use this behavior data to market your ads directly to those most likely to be seeking properties, via Facebook, Instagram, and other popular platforms.

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How Audience Engine makes your job easier

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Intelligent targeting

Using our detailed behavioral data, Audience Engine pinpoints high potential leads for your listings and shows them your ad on Facebook and Instagram.

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Relies on constantly updated machine learning to automatically identify audience behaviour that signifies interest in your properties.

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Automated ad deployment

Automatically delivers ads directly to targeted renters and buyers across Facebook and Instagram, with your message and/or properties.

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Customized content

Whether you’re looking to have targeted buyers and renters delivered right to your inbox, increased traffic on your site or anything else that will help drive your business, we can help.

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