Kijiji Rental Trend Report: May 2021

By: Reanesh Kanaganayagam

Date published: June 30, 2021

Kijiji’s Rental Trend Report for May focuses on Canada’s Atlantic provinces. If you’re interested in other regional reports or the national report, you can download them here.

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In May 2021, over 5.2K new properties were listed in the Atlantic provinces in Kijiji Real Estate’s For Rent category.

Engagement from users was up 2% with 106.2K email replies, phone reveals and URL clicks compared to April’s 104.3K. This mirrors the 2% increase in return visits for the Kijiji Real Estate category as a whole.

Top 5 Rental Prices for a 2 Bedroom in Atlantic Canada

In May 2021 Halifax, NS held virtually flat YoY for rent/month compared to May 2020. This is likely due to the pandemic.

The greatest change in rental prices occurred in Fredericton and Moncton, NB, which experienced remarkable YoY increases during the same period.


While the region remained relatively flat overall in residents showing interest in new properties for rent, two markets stood out:

  • Properties listed in Halifax, NS showed a 6% MoM increase in views, the equivalent of 1,060,889 View Item Page (VIP) views.
  • Properties listed in St. John’s, NL showed a 3% MoM increase, the equivalent of 296,288 VIP views—a dramatic increase from previous months.

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