Kijiji My Business launches Virtual Tours and Call Tracking for Kijiji Real Estate

By: Reanesh Kanaganayagam

Date published: July 14, 2021

With a hot summer and a hotter housing market in the forecast, real estate professionals and landlords with a Kijiji My Business account now have more tools to turn Kijiji visitors into prospects.

Today, Kijiji introduces new functionality that enables you to deliver virtual tours within the Kijiji experience and track incoming call activity from customers looking for their next home on the Kijiji platform.

Virtual Tours is available to all Kijiji My Business accounts today, while Call Tracking will be rolled out to Kijiji My Business accounts over the coming weeks.

Here’s a quick walkthrough of your new features.

Virtual Tours

Since the pandemic, virtual tours have become essential to tenants and buyers looking for a home.

Previously, Kijiji My Business customers could indicate they offered virtual tours on their listings, but had to send a link or add a video during a conversation with a Kijiji lead.

Now, the new Virtual Tour functionality lets you add virtual tours of your properties directly within Kijiji, which means customers can view a tour and reach out to you directly—there’s no need to send customers away from your page to complete a conversation.


Call Tracking

If you’ve ever tried to measure phone call activity without a tracking app, you know how time-consuming it can be—especially when it comes to reconciling and locating where customers discovered your listings and sharing that information with your team.

Call Tracking Metrics in Kijiji My Business Reports

Now you can view call activity right from the Reports section in Kijiji My Business. Metrics include:

  • Total calls
  • Answered calls
  • Missed calls
  • Unique callers
  • Average call duration

You will see the new metrics in your Reports tab.

Whisper Notification

If you’re curious about which prospects saw your listings on Kijiji, a Whisper Notification alerts you when someone is calling you from the platform.

As soon as a call is received, a notification identifies the source as Kijiji at the beginning of the call.

Your team will begin receiving whisper notifications when Call Tracking functionality has rolled out.

How to get started

Virtual Tours

If you already have a Kijiji My Business account, you can now add a Matterport URL to a listing:

  • Manually in the Post Ad/Edit Ad flow within the Kijiji My Business Manager
  • Feed customers can update their feeds by adding their Matterport generated virtual tour URL in this format: <VirtualTourURL> </VirtualTourURL> (Review our feed doc here.)

Call Tracking

Call Tracking will be active automatically at launch. You can turn Call Activity on and off at any time.

Real Estate professionals and landlords without a Kijiji My Business account can reach out to a Kijiji Account Executive and get started here.

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